Monday, June 20






Keynote Speaker
Chair: Xavi Masip (UPC, Spain)
Speaker: Ana Juan Ferrer (AD Cloud Lab in Atos Research and Innovation
, Barcelona, Spain)
Swarm computing, realisation of Computing Continuum


Coffee Break


Technical Session 1: Wireless Networks I
Chair: Mario Gerla (University of California, USA)

Hybrid Spectrum Access for mmWave Networks (Invited paper)

Mattia Rebato; Marco Mezzavilla; Federico Boccardi; Sundeep Rangan; Michele Zorzi

QoS Based Aggregation in High Speed IEEE802.11 Wireless Networks

Seyed Vahid Azhari; Ozgur Gurbuz; Ozgur Ercetin

Distributed Clustering Algorithm in Dense Group-Based Ad Hoc Networks

Raphael Massin; Christophe J. Le Martret; Philippe Ciblat

A Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Resolving Transmit-Ambiguities in the Localization of WSN

Stephan Schlupkothen, Bastian Prasse; Gerd H. Ascheid

Exploiting State Information to Support QoS in Software-Defined WSNs

Paolo Di Dio; Salvatore Faraci; Laura Galluccio; Sebastiano Milardo; Giacomo Morabito; Sergio Palazzo; Patrizia Livreri




Technical Session 2: Cloud Networks and Data Management
Chair: Roger Immich (University of Coimbra, Portugal)

CNSMO: A Network Services Manager/Orchestrator Tool for Cloud Federated Environments (Invited paper)

José I Aznar; Eduard Escalona; Isart Canyameres; Oscar Moya; Albert Viñés

Participation Cost Estimation: Private Versus Non-Private Study

Joshua Joy; Sayali Rajwade; Mario Gerla

Estimating Smart City Sensors Data Generation Current and Future Data in the City of Barcelona

Amir Sinaeepourfard; Jordi Garcia; Xavier Masip-Bruin; Eva Marín-Tordera; Jordi Cirera; Glòria Grau; Francesc Casaus

Fog-to-cloud Computing (F2C): The Key Technology Enabler for Dependable E-health Services Deployment

Xavier Masip-Bruin; Eva Marín-Tordera; Albert Alonso; Jordi Garcia.


Coffee Break


Technical Session 3:  Multimedia and Centric Networks   
Chair: Stephan Schlupkothen (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

Popularity-based Partial Caching for Information Centric Networks

Noor Abani; Golnaz Farhadi; Akira Ito; Mario Gerla

Towards a QoE-driven Mechanism for Improved H.265 Video Delivery

Marilia Curado, Roger Immich; Eduardo Cerqueira

Trends in Human-Centric Multimedia Networking Scenarios

Denis Lima Rosário; Marcos Seruffo; Eduardo Cerqueira; Cristiano Bonato Both; Torsten Ingo Braun; Mario Gerla.


 Social Event

Steering Committee  “Convivial” Talks



Tuesday, June 21


Keynote Speaker
Chair: Xavi Masip (UPC)
Speaker: Román Nuez (CONSULTING SERVICES Ltd, Spain)
Title: Connected and autonomous car, how cloud and software are challenging traditional car definition?


Coffee Break


Technical Session 4: Security and Privacy in an Interconnected World
Organized by:  David Rebollo (UPC), Jordi Forné (UPC)

Co-Utility for Digital Content Protection and Digital Forgetting

Josep Domingo-Ferrer; David Megias Jimenez

Searchable Encryption for Geo-Referenced Data

Jordi Ribes-González; Oriol Farràs

Anomalous Change Detection in Time-evolving OSNs

Naeimeh Laleh; Barbara Carminati; Elena Ferrari

On Web User Tracking: How Third-Party Http Requests Track Users' Browsing Patterns for Personalised Advertising

Silvia Puglisi; David Rebollo-Monedero; Jordi Forne

WiFi Direct: Lessons Learned

Andrés Marín López; Florina Almenares; Patricia Arias; Daniel Díaz-Sánchez




Technical Session 5:  Wireless Networks II
Chair: Eva Marín Tordera (UPC, Spain)

Multi-connectivity and Carrier Aggregation in 5G Millimeter Wave Cellular Networks (Invited paper)

Marco Giordani; Marco Mezzavilla; Sundeep Rangan; Michele Zorzi

Social-Distance Based Anycast Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks

Tuan Le; Mario Gerla

The Access Delay of Aloha with Exponential Back-off Strategies

Luca Barletta; Flaminio Borgonovo; Ilario Filippini