Invited Speakers 


Dra. Ana Juan Ferrer

AD Cloud Lab in Atos Research and Innovation

Ana Juan Ferrer

Title: Swarm computing, realization of Computing Continuum

Abstract: Swarm Computing is the combination of complex multi-cloud architectures with Fog and Edge computing. The swarm approach is a digital shockwave for existing computing environments forcing existing offerings that have emerged as part of a centralization paradigm to evolve to a pure hybrid decentralized and autonomically managed model in what we call  the Computing Continuum.

Clearly not all the clouds are the same and each cloud provides different capabilities or attributes such as the computing capacity, the end to end latency provided, security and privacy which define the systems that can be hosted. We foresee Swarm Computing as a unified digital infrastructure running multiple cloud platforms in cooperation to run systems and connect entities based on their profile.
Evolution of multi-cloud towards Swarm relies directly on current cloud and edge adoption status. Many of today’s cloud capabilities need to be further developed to allow their full exploitation and to overcome current security, trust and legal compliance issues which act as barriers for a wider uptake. Another obstacle for wider adoption of the Swarm Stack is the prevalence of proprietary solutions and lack of standards that drive into a potential vendor lock-in situation for early adopters.

Biography: Ana Juan Ferrer is Head of Lab of AD Cloud Lab in Atos Research and Innovation, group which focuses its research on Cloud and Edge Computing technologies, distributed systems and service engineering. Currently, she is coordinating the ASCETIC project that investigates methods and tools to support eco-efficient software development and execution in Cloud environments. Previously, she coordinated OPTIMIS project, investigating platforms and architectures for scalable and trustful hybrid Cloud services platforms. Other projects she contributes/has contributed to include: AGILE, MCloudDaaS, STRATEGIC, Helix Nebula, SLALOM, NUBA, NEXOF-RA, BEinGRID and Crosswork. Ana currently acts as Cluster leader for the E2 Software & Services, Cloud Computing Unit “Inter-cloud Challenges, Expectations and Issues” cluster, which agglutinates collaboration of thirteen related projects.  Ana also participates in the Atos Scientific Community, a network of some 100 members whose aim is to guide company strategy at the highest level in relation to innovation. In this forum, Ana leads the working group on Cloud Computing continuum, aiming to identify and materialize opportunities for Atos in advanced cloud models such as Fog Computing and multi-cloud hybrid models.


Mr. Roman Nuez

Calipso Design Studio

Ana Juan Ferrer

Title: Connected and autonomous car, how cloud  and software are challenging traditional car definition

Abstract: Access to information and services are on the way to be considered as a commodity nowadays. We are reaching a point were having connectivity or being in touch with family, work and friends are becoming a need. If you think I'm out of my mind, then you are from Generation X. if you find my statement quite obvious, either you are already a Millennial or have them identified as users already.

While transportation system might have a "limited" need for communication systems, the level of technology and its cost is making possible the introduction of wide connectivity systems into them. From the automotive point of view, how this new features are integrated into current vehicle architectures is a challenge. As well as how the car manufacturers need to deal now also with cloud services, remote diagnostics and many other own services. There are many challenges which the traditional car maker community is facing and overcoming. Once infrastructure is there, new services will be able to be introduced. Just see what Google, Apple and Uber are doing, just heading to a new transport revolution. No doubt, it is happening in front of us.

BiographyBorn in Barcelona almost 40 years ago, Mr. Nuez studied a Telecommunication Bachelor Degree and started to work in automotive, where he has been developing his career for more than 17 years. He has been working for main automotive electronics suppliers and also car manufacturers, always on the Electrical Departments. His experience in suppliers has always been around software and has been witness on how the progress in technology has been put into cars. When referring to car manufacturers, understanding the importance of the system engineering evolution at present.

In the last 8 years he has been concerned about technology illiteracy so started to learn how to bring Arduino and programming languages to all levels of society. he learned about Agile and how it could be brought into manufacturing. Finally, Mr. Nuez kickstarted his own company dealing with rapid low cost prototyping, mass users personalized production and teaching all sort of techy stuff. These are Timiprint for 3D printing and Funlab for techy education. Oddly enough, Arduino has turned to be a very good DIY IoT platform, where we can understand a connected car as an IoT artifact. All passions coming together!