The CRAAX team was set to concentrate a pool of knowledge in the ICT field, with the main objective of conducting breakthrough applied research in several network related areas.

Foremost, the core CRAAX mission is positioned to transfer research results to the industry sector but also to harvest innovative solutions strongly impacting on the overall society, while simultaneously keep on training highly skilled professionals.

Nowadays, the CRAAX team manages the CRAAX Lab bringing together a multidisciplinary team consisting in researchers from the UPC (networking, OS and maths background) and from the Directorate of Innovation at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona (health background). This correlation of knowledge, integrating and leveraging ICT and health profiles, fosters the development of innovative high-tech close-to-society solutions with a particular focus on smart scenarios (IoX, cities, transport, homes) and on the e-health sector.

The CRAAX team has recently renewed (2017) the quality stamp awarded by the Catalan Government as a recognized research group (SGR2017-157).